• NetherCraft architecture and sculpture are original designs inspired by the art and myths of vanished ages. From Gothic to pre-Classical, Norse to Egyptian, and from the artist’s own imagination, each piece is infused with a beauty steeped in antiquity.

    Here you will find majestic facades, busts to grace the corners of your home, ancient goddesses to mark the skyline of your garden, and the watchful gaze of some of history’s oldest archetypes. Celtic knotwork embellishes icons and functional items, while mythological figures hearken, perhaps to reinvent your atrium and transport guests into another world.

    Countless hours of carving go into each sculpture. Tomak’s rigorous casting processes ensure that all the intricacy and fine detailing of the original sculptures are reproduced to the highest standards. Each casting media is worked with care, whether plastic or fiberglass scenic elements, all the way to bronze, glass, alabaster and pure silver. Be assured that this statuary will beautify and inspire for years to come.

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  • The Artist

    Tomak Julian Baksik's focus as an academic pre-Raphaelite sculptor completes a broad arc through diverse media: bronze, glass, marble, pewter, copper, wood, steel, chocolate, thermite, stoneware, urethane, plastic and fiberglass. Notable works include an over-life-size Baroque Roman fountain featuring Minerva and Neptune, and the Pennsic Cathedral... [Read More]