Eye/ear protection and gloves should always be worn during cutting and assembly of our products.

To interlock panels, cut away small stones as pictured (cathedral or fieldstone). The panels can easily be cut with Rotozip, shears, tablesaw or jigsaw. We have found that the most effective tool for the job is a Rotozip with 1¼" slitting saw from msc (part #73291205) and an arbor from grainger. Always keep fingers clear of the blade when cutting.

For bending an outside corner on a wall piece: first measure where on the panel the bend needs to be. Mark this along the backside of the panel, then cut a "V" out of the rib of plastic which forms the sides of individual stones so that you can bend the plastic without them getting in the way (we recommend using snips or rotozip for this task). Apply gentle, distributed heat with a propane torch all along the bend line, then bend it up into the new position when the plastic becomes pliable enough to accommodate the bend. Practice first with scrap pieces!

To join window insets (front and back) for a wall accessible from both sides, first notch in the back of one side ¼" at corners and every few inches so that it fits into the other side. Use drywall screws or duct tape to pin the two windows together. Screw the walls in place. If pieces are slightly out of alignment, gently heating with a propane torch will help you bend the edges into cleaner alignment - then simply apply adhesive deeply into the join. Let cure overnight, remove screws (filling screw holes with adhesive spoo) and sand-down weld seams. Complete carpentry instructions are provided with rose window kit, flying buttress kit and coffin kit.