Shipping Policy

UPDATED 3/5/2011

You may notice that items in our catalog do not carry an individual shipping cost, and that no shipping costs appear on your final order at the time of payment. This is not, unfortunately, because shipping is free on our products. To the contrary, the size of our products in most cases requires the use of a commercial freight carrier to facilitate delivery. For this reason, the cost of shipping is calculated individually for each order. We do this to ensure that your shipping costs are as low as possible. In cases where a shipping quote has not been provided in advance or included in your original invoice, Nethercraft will submit a separate shipping invoice for approval and payment prior to final processing of your order. It is important to note that for Panelstone, Haunting and Egypt products, we require a minimum order total of $700. You may combine items from each of the three categories to achieve the minimum order amount.

For all items requiring freight delivery, shipping costs for 8" wall panels begin at $190, but a precise quote that is based specifically on your location and the size of your final order will be provided upon completion of your order. For purposes of budgeting when you plan your order, a simple rule of thumb for larger orders is to allow roughly 12% of the order total for shipping. Again, for Paypal orders, the shipping fee will be invoiced separately. This is done to minimize shipping costs as much as possible for our customers.

Pick-ups can be arranged in the Southfield, Michigan area.

A note to residential clients: Our shipping containers are full-sized, constructed freight packaging that meets the requirements of commercial shipping operations. If your order is being delivered to a small business or residence that does not offer a loading dock or hilo, the side of the shipping crate may be unscrewed and the walls removed individually.